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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cow print, monkeys, polka dots and more...

Here is a sampling of our latest work! If you have ordered in the past 3 weeks...your order might be on here:

Love this cow print with the hot pink! So sassy!

I did this monkey fabric for a friend of mine. Her nursery had when I saw this...I thought we had to use this!!!

My mom did this patchwork bib set for my new niece Marley! Very sweet...

More Fabric...

Wanted to share a few fabric options that we do not already have on the blog:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Aggie Faithful...

I had a new mom ask me if we could do a couple of A&M sets for her and her sister-in-law. With a little searching....I found this cute A&M fabric! Despite their tough football season...I think these little future Aggies will really like their new bib and burp cloths!

Savvy Stork Sling

I wanted to show you how I use my sling. I didn't buy one until Kate was 8 she was sitting. I have always used this position, but other positions allow you to start using it right away. I bought a "Hot Slings" brand sling. Ours is very similiar.

I love using mine because it gives me two hands again! I often cook dinner like this! I have a baby that (since day one) has wanted to be carried around. Now at 15months, it is either let her stand at my legs pulling on my pants saying "Mommy...momma...." over and over....or hold her while I cook. This makes it possible to do both!